National Philanthropy Initiative

Each year in January or February the National Charity League, Inc. Monterey Bay (NCLMB) holds their annual Enrichment/National Philanthropy Initiative Day.  All Chapter members, from the Monterey Peninsula and Salinas, come together to serve its local philanthropic organizations.  Some notable speakers include: 

  • The Cass Antle, a former NCLMB President and Etiquette trainer; she spoke to the moms and daughters about proper etiquette and how NCLMB shaped her life and love for philanthropy. 
  • The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook spoke on the topic of happiness, mental health and well being, appropriately titled “Love Yourself”.
  • Jeremy Affeldt, a former San Francisco Giants pitcher and three-time World Series Champion, spoke to our chapter about the mission of Generation Alive, a non-profit organization he founded:  Empowering youth to compassionately engage the needs of their community through action and service.  He inspired our chapter to be a generation of young people to act by serving others.  He also spoke about how to help end human trafficking.

We conclude the day with assembling care packages for local philanthropies.